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Eastport-Annapolis-NeighborhoodExpedite, a proven, time tested program to sell your home fast.

When selling your home, the key is to get the most money you can without problems. This allows you to focus on the next stage of your life.

Shed some of the emotional attachment to your existing home.  I like to work with people who take my advice. You hire an agent for their expertise and knowledge and it’s in your best interest to work with them during this selling process.  Give yourself permission to treat your home sale as a business and don’t allow current market conditions to get you emotionally charged, it won’t help the process.

My Expedite process is a four-stage approach to selling a home. The plan includes Preparation, Staging, Pricing and Marketing.  Your involvement is essential in the first three stages

Don’t feel like reading see my video on home preparation

Home preparation for a quick sale

This is very important and missed by many sellers and real estate agents.  Think for just a moment about the time you sold anything you owned, it could have been a car, tools furniture etc.  You wiped it down, polished it up and made it presentable before you put it up for sale.  If you didn’t do this, you probably were not concerned with the price you got for the item.  Well Home selling is the sale of your most valuable asset and it deserves proper preparation.

The exterior is a great place to start. The yard, gardens, shrubs and sidewalks should be neat, clean and uncluttered. It should look fresh during the entire marketing period. Buyer’s notice little things so be critical and if you can’t be elicit a realtor to help you, it’s their job to council you so use them. Clean gutters, roof, windows, doors and exterior stairwells should be reviewed at this time. Paint exterior trim including the front door if needed.

De-Cluttering is the best place to start on interior preparation.  If you don’t need an item for six months, pack it. After the clutter is gone make necessary repairs. You know, all those things you’ve been meaning to get to and haven’t. Things like scuffed floors, stained carpets, caulking around showers, tubs and toilets.  Paint any walls that have marks or damage. Wash those windows, clean ovens, microwaves and windowsills.  Our goal here is to create what I call the model effect.  Think of a builder’s model home. It’s clean, neat, not cluttered and bright and appears well maintained. This creates a positive feeling in the potential buyer. Please download my free home preparation checklist, or better yet, invite me to view your home before starting this process.  A successful sale starts with spectacular preparation. Download my Home Preparation Checklist.

Some sellers call me after they have “prepared” the home.  Please call me first I am confident that I can save you time and money during the home preparation stage.


Staging your home for success

“Our study proves it does not benefit the homeowner to list their property first to see if it will sell. When they invest in staging before listing, they sell 87% faster”.  This quote from the Real Estate Staging Association makes my point on home staging.

Staging is simply preparing your home for the buyer’s eye. If your home is staged prior to placing it on the market your agent’s marketing efforts will bring you a higher reward.  You want potential buyers, lots of them, so lets entice them with staging.  Some agents will provide staging as part of their listing process.  You might like to try you own skills at staging and only have a consultation with a professional home stager and that’s fine to.  Staging is an inexpensive, time effective way to increase interest in your home ensuring a quick sale.  You may not get more for your property because it’s professionally staged but it may very well sell much sooner than your competition.  Contact me today, I will be happy to put you in touch with a Home Stager.


Contact John Day to Find Out What Your Home is Worth Today

Probably less than you think, sorry.  According to HomeGain’s third quarter 2012 National Home Values Survey, seventy-seven percent of sellers say their home is worth more than their agent’s recommended selling price.   Remember the value of your home is not based on what “you need” to get for the home, it’s based on comparable sales and what a buyer is willing to pay.

I know this is a painful pill to swallow but it’s so very true.  Pricing is a very sensitive topic, I get it, I’ve been a seller many times.

I approach pricing with a very open, objective viewpoint.  The major factors to consider are condition of the home, current market conditions and location of your home.  It’s important to view  homes in your immediate area that are currently on the market and review data on those that have recently settled. The improvements you have made or need to make are part of the equation. The key to a successful sale is having a realistic selling price.

Sellers often price themselves out of the market buy trying to start too high, “leaving room to negotiate”, this is a huge mistake based on my many years of experience.  Homes priced correctly stay on the market for a much shorter time and usually end up selling for more than similar homes that were priced too high.  These higher priced properties can get “shop worn” and stagnant. Market conditions change rapidly and starting high seldom works to the sellers advantage.

For more information on my Expedite home selling process or help with any real estate questions you may have, feel free to contact me.